Service: Featured Project

Amazing Color Combination!

This rolling workbench was created with our London Grey with White 3mm edge banding. Topped with a stainless steel counter.

Floating Command Center!

All of our Cabinets are Installed Four to Six Inches off of the Ground for Ease of Cleaning, Storage, and Pest Control needs.

For the Active User of a Workbench Space. Plenty of Drawers Available for Quick Access but Tall Cabinets Directly beside for Storing Larger Tools and Totes.

Bronze Cabinets with Maple Slatwall. Stainless T Style Handles.  Saddle Tan Floor Coating.

Look at all That Storage!

A Perfect Workbench Solution with Multiple Depth Drawers for Individualized Tool Storage.

Powder Coated Granite Cabinets with Slate Sides. Grey Slatwall with Plenty of Accessories and Stainless T Style Handles.

Amazing Workbench!

Powder Coated Red Upper Cabinets with Pewter Base. Black  T Style Handles and Slat Wall.

Focused on the Perfect Fit!

A solution maximizing the space around windows. Everything perfectly paced and still room for a little sunshine!

Beautiful Bronze Cabinets with Maple Slatwall and Stainless T Style Handles.

Expert Space Management!

Our client was looking for a workshop within his garage. The ability to store items away in an enclosed closet but have a functional workspace as well. Every square inch has a purpose in this design!

One of our favorites – Pewter Cabinets with Ebony Star Countertop. Grey slatwall and Stainless T Style Handles.